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JC Creative is an independent User Experience studio providing UX consultancy to businesses across Chester, Cheshire, Wrexham and throughout North Wales. Whether with an app, a site, or a product system, our focus is on helping improve your relationship with your customers through a mix of UX strategy, design, and technology.

How are people interacting with your website or application? Where do they stop interacting? What do they need to do? What methods are you using to analyse user journeys? In a digital world where brands increasingly compete for attention, it’s important to create meaningful, engaging human-centric experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy. We design for maximum impact, beginning with an intensive research and exploration stage to inform and improve userflow and experience.

Understanding what you’re trying to achieve is essential to achieving a great experience for your customers. There’s no single good user experience, it must be tailored to your ideal audience in order to understand their perceptions, emotions, and responses to a website or mobile application. Our UX workshops are intensive sessions that help solve pressing problems, critical for a project’s success. We’ll take you from 0 to 60, asking the right questions and pulling the data that ensures you know your user customers inside-out and can deliver exactly what they need from your website or application.

Our UX Design services:

• Business strategy
• Persona creation & research
• Information architecture
• User flows
• Hi-fi wireframes
• Interactive prototyping
• Accessibility audits
• Landing page optimisation
• Cart abandonment optimisation
• User behaviour analysis
• A/B testing & reporting

Steps to success

01. Requirements Gathering

We identify the main aims of the product or website and create a set of objectives. These objectives become the backbone of the project, driving the research and decision making.

02. Identifying user personas

We then list out all the specific user personas, defining their behaviour and goals to ensure they receive an optimised user experience and accessible, relevant content.

03. UX research techniques

We look at any statistics that already exist, conduct surveys, usability tests and other information gathering techniques and functionality to fuel a fully user-centric design.

04. User Journeys & Wireframing

We map your user’s routes through the experience together with structured wireframes that act as a plan to the entire journey, functionality and layout of the templates.

05. Interactive Prototyping

An interactive prototype is made which brings the design to life. Here you can see and use the website or product across desktop or mobile in context before the build process.

06. UX Analysis

Using the feedback generated by the prototype testing, we group common user trends and observations. From this, we can highlight and correct any problem areas.

07. User Testing

Once the final design has been applied, we then carry out further user experience testing. This is to ensure that the user journey’s haven’t been over-complicated throughout the UI design stage.

08. Ongoing Evaluation

Following the launch of the project, we would recommend ongoing UX testing. By using Google Analytics and Mouseflow to evaluate user behaviour in order to improve the user experience and increase conversion.

Jake is an excellent and talented digital designer, with a keen eye for detail and who is always looking to incorporate good user experience principles in his work. Furthermore Jake is trusted and highly respected within our team, and it has been a pleasure to work with him on numerous initiatives.

Matt Bateman | Digital Product Manager | Moneypenny


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