Project overview

Karry’s Deli is South Wales’ first all plant-based vegan butchers and  delicatessen providing tasty treats including handmade cheeses, meats, dairy foods, sweet treats and many other products. Karry’s mission was clear, to improve health, the planet, and our animal friends and we were thrilled to join them on this new and exciting journey.

Our task was to create a fun and vibrant brand identity that captures the essence of plant based food and values that Karry represents.


Brand Workshop; Visual Identity;
Apparel Design; Packaging


Food and beverage


We wanted to create a brand that disrupted the food retail sector by introducing a completely new food category to the streets of Barry in South Wales. During the strategy creation we stressed the importance of education being one of the brand’s main ongoing missions. We recognised that we were introducing something new and it was Karrys Deli’s duty to inform customers about the brand and its values.

When it came to customer segmentation, we settled on two core target audiences that centred on the two key Fresko experiences. The first demographic focuses on the local people and businesses in the area whilst the second appeals to the tourists that flock to Barry each year.

The result

We wanted to portray a strong organic feel without coming across cheap, obvious and gimmicky. The look and feel has a sophisticated yet fun and relaxed aesthetic to it which means it appeals to people who are already accustomed to such products as well as those who are newcomers. The brand identity speaks to those who fully embrace plant-based foods but with a modern twist.

We made the organic leaves a focal point of the logo which was then carried through into other branding elements such as the brand packaging, social media channels and apparel.

I have been very impressed with everything Jake has produced for me, his work is spot on. He always goes the extra mile to make sure work is delivered on time and that it is produced to the highest quality. I wish all my suppliers showed the passion and attention to detail that Jake does. Above all, he is a pleasure to work with.

Karry Meyrick | Owner | Karry’s Deli