Project overview

Dellside is a dog walking and pet sitting company that provides a unique service focused primarily on building quality relationships with their clients. They are big on communication, transparency, and keeping in touch with clients throughout the whole process.

They offer a multitude of specific pet services such as hourly concierge, dog boarding, daycare, hikes, runs, pet taxi and more – to meet the needs of busy pet owners who want something a little extra for their pets.


Visual Identity; Design; Brand Implementation


Animal care services

The brief

Dellside was looking to establish their online presence in their community and required branding to stand out and compete against other companies similar in the area. They didn’t have a logo, website, or social media presence and wanted to change that as they grew the business and hired more sitters to support their endeavours.

Dellside approached us to completely design their brand from the logo up. We were then tasked to apply this new branding to a variety of assets and provide most of the printing. This included Business Cards, Flyers, PVC Banners, Van Livery and Social Media Graphics. The logo itself was illustrated around the business owner’s pet dog and a request to make the logo fun and approachable was also requested.

The result

The logo design features a custom-designed typeface, in a playful, modern style. Collaborating closely with the owners, we addressed the challenge of committing to hands-on care and community impact that leaves a mark on their clients. Through a creative design process, we excitingly developed a simple and recognisable logomark, a hand-drawn character of a dog within the ‘D’ that will also serve as a strong identity for their website and social media channels.

Dellside is not just a dog walking brand, it is the embodiment of the passion for nature and the canine world. Born from the idea that every dog ​​deserves to experience the freedom and magic of the natural world.

Too often you see a logomark, a typeface, a set of symbols, and they bear no analogy to each other, meaning each part has to work doubly hard to gain traction and recognition with its audience. This work bucks a sector wide trend and pushes with a strong, cohesive identity that works across all our applications.

Working with JC Creative has been a pleasure; Jake has played a pivotal role in clearly positioning our new business, pulling out all the stops to create a brand that we are extremely proud of.

Mark Embling | Director | Dellside